The Board

The Board of Trustees of ABC Africa is made up of members with professional experience of working in overseas development, public health, acute service provision and business

The Board’s guarantee

The Board guarantees that every single penny you donate to ABC Africa goes directly to provide food, medical assistance and education to a child in need. The Board itself has committed to covering all administration costs which means ABC Africa operates without overheads.

So in answer to the question how much of my £1 actually reaches children in Africa…the answer is every single penny.

Michelle Porter – Founder and Chair

Michelle founded ABC Africa in 2014. Having worked in education and operational, and strategic development for the last 20 years in both the UK and Africa, Michelle has been able to use her skills and experience to build the charity. She believes strongly that charities must strive for professionalism, transparency and accountability if they are to make real and lasting change to the lives of children.

‘When it comes to helping others it never ceases to amaze me how incredibly kind and generous people are with their time and hard earned money. In founding ABC Africa I wanted to be able to re-assure supporters of the tangible impact of their donations; ensuring every single penny reached to the heart of what children living in absolute poverty need: food, shelter, good health and education. I believe strongly that making a real difference is possible.”

Sharon Foster – Health Lead

Sharon is a registered nurse with a background in caring for people infected with HIV. For the last 15 years she has worked in public health within sexual health and HIV. She is currently working as the Sexual Health Lead for Leeds City Council.

In 2010 Sharon travelled to Kenya to undertake a Health Needs Assessment on children infected and affected by HIV : “ This developed my passion to improve the lives of those most vulnerable and so I was very pleased when approached by ABC Africa to take the Health Lead for the Board of Trustees.”

Michael Harvey – Assistant Director of Operations at Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust

Mike has been a nurse and nursing manager for almost 30 years. He has managed the Centre for Neurosciences at Leeds and is presently Associate Director of Operations at Mid Yorkshire NHS Trust. “I have a real belief in engaging with people and communities to support them to recognise their own strengths in finding effective solutions to problems within their communities”

Lucy Birrell

A busy Mum of three boys, Lucy has worked and lived in London for the last 25 years managing high end art and cultural events and hopes to be able to use her experience to run fundraising events for ABC Africa.

James Birrell

James is a published author, entrepreneur and business man. He has supported a number of projects in Africa over the past few years and joining the Board of Trustees of ABC Africa was an opportunity to get more involved in making a difference to children’s lives.

David Porter

David fell in love with Africa during trips to Namibia and Tanzania but during these trips he saw real poverty and when becoming a father himself felt moved to help others. David runs a soft fruit farm in Angus supplying fruit to major supermarkets.