DRC, Swakopmund

The DRC is a re-settlement community where much of the housing is built from reclaimed rubbish and where many families live in absolute poverty.  Families, focused on day to day survival, are in no position to provide early learning opportunities and many have no option but to leave young children to fend for themselves whilst they go to work. Children from these households are poorly prepared for primary school and begin their education at a significant and damaging disadvantage.

The DRC School Project and Community Centre is a beacon of hope to many in this community and provides basic education in a kind and caring environment.

ABC Africa supports the kindergarten for ages 5-7, a safe place for children to play and learn and one of the most effective ways of bridging the inequality gap between them and their peers.


ABC Africa aims to support established grass roots and community projects to provide nutrition, medication and education to orphaned and vulnerable children (OVC) in the most disadvantaged regions.